June Eco-stove Challenge

Does 50 eco-stoves in a week sound like a lot?  Our last group of volunteers installed that many in two and a half days.  Granted, they were experts in hardware and building materials, and we do not plan to challenge their record.  But if we can get 10 volunteers the last week of June, we can give 50 Guatemalan families smoke-free cooking and huge savings on firewood.

Between Monday, June 24, and Friday, June 28, Open Windows plans to install five eco-stoves for every volunteer who comes to help.  Our goal is 50 stoves, but we will happily do more if we get more than ten volunteers and we will do as many as we can if we get fewer.

So, join us!  Talk to your friends and family; if they cannot join you, maybe they can contribute to the costs of your trip.  Or hold a fund-raising event to involve as many people as possible, whether or not they can come.  We can send you logos and photos of eco-stoves to print on t-shirts and sell to raise the money. 

Let’s make a difference for 50 families and all their children.